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Senior Project Manager Birmingham, UK

1.Responsible for the project schedule and cost, supervise the quality;

2.Main interface with customer, build and maintain relationship with customer;

3.Define project work breakdown structure (WBS) and maintain during the whole project phase;

4.Work with other department managers to allocate resource to work on project to secure project running;

5.Define the “Make or Buy” strategy for project scope of supply;

6.Work with purchasing department to select and manage suppliers;

7.Evaluate and make the recovery plan for project risks;

8.Manage the order change request (OCR) with customer;

9.Report project status monthly to top management;

10.Evaluate team member's performance and feedback to related line manager in project closing phase.

Job application

1.8 years project management experience, Powertrain or BIW business is preferred;

2.Major in mechanical, electrical or related with bachelor degree or above;

3.Knowledge of transmission assembly and test or BIW assembly-related processes & design;

4.Good communication,fast learning skills,logical thinking;

5.Available for traveling;

6.Fluent both in English;
7.PMP certificate is preferred.

Proposal Engineer Birmingham, UK

1.Give technical support to the sales department for the acquisition of new assembly projects  by being the technical contact person of our customers during the quotation phase (from the first technical contact to the contract signature);

2.Define reliable assembly processes in accordance with customer requirements and local constraints. Measure the risks linked to the chosen technical solutions to confirm implementation;

3.Write the technical quotations following internal processes according to customer requirements and to technical discussions; submit technical quotation to sales department for bidding process; quotations are mainly composed of: layout (done with the support of design office), process description, components list, primary specifications, time schedule, budget evaluation;

4.Support the defined project manager to negotiate and to sign the technical agreement (TA);

5.Support the project teams during project development on all issues to reach best results and so improve product quality and equipment reliability;

Job application

1.Have experience of the planning of multiple platform, multiple model, high cycle time and high automatic welding line

2.Proven success of technical exchange and process plan design of several whole line projects which separately over 80 million contract volume, and the ability of winning the bid;

3.Familiar with Chinese design standards, industry standards and related international standards;

4.Familiar with the machinery manufacturing industry standard design method, knowledge of the machining process and related costs.

Senior Project Manager Hefei

1. Responsible for project schedule nodes, costs and project quality management;
2. Connect with customers to establish and maintain good customer relationships;
3. Clearly define the project work breakdown structure and implement and improve it throughout the project cycle;
4. Cooperate with relevant department managers to assign project tasks to individuals and ensure the normal operation of the project;
5. Clearly define the “homemade or outsourced” strategy within the scope of project delivery;
6. Cooperate with the purchasing department to select and manage suppliers;
7. Assess and develop a project risk prevention mechanism;
8. Manage customer order change requests;
9. Report the progress of the project upwards every month;
10. Perform performance appraisal on the employees in the project team and feedback to the line manager at the end of the project.

Job application

1. More than 10 years of project management experience, powertrain or body-white related experience is preferred;
2. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical or electronic related fields;
3. Familiar with engine, transmission or body-in-white automation equipment;
4. Good communication skills and rapid learning ability, logical thinking ability;
5. Can adapt to business trips;
6. Fluent in Mandarin and spoken English;
7. PMP certificate is preferred.

Appendix Naming: Name + Professional + Job Application (Support Word, PDF format)

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